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In 2015 Alanya Dental and Implant Hospital celebrated 25 years of implant dentistry, and we are very pleased to share the story of our progress.

Dental Implants & Restorative Dentistry


The smile is of paramount importance in how we present ourselves to others. Good-looking teeth can take years off your appearance and improve your confidence. That is why the results of restorative dentistry and dental implants in particular are often compared to cosmetic surgery.

We live in a highly competitive, youth oriented culture. The effect of losing our teeth probably worries us even more today than previously.

Unfortunately, few of us are yet aware of the modern and permanent solution to tooth loss: DENTAL IMPLANTS. The concept of dental implants is a simple yet effective solution to the problem of lost teeth. Dental implant has been used for decades. By now, many dentists and dental surgeons have gained an excellent understanding of the complexities of implant placement techniques.

Dentures and removable bridges may cause problems, for example, they can be loose and unstable. Whether patients have lost all of their teeth or just a few, dental implants are an ideal solution providing a dental replacement that works and is aesthetically pleasing.

How will I benefit from artificially-implanted teeth?

Aside from the aesthetic benefit of practically having new teeth, artificial implants will allow you to enjoy experiences that you will otherwise find difficult engaging in if you used dentures or removable dentures.

Implants are an effective, secure and permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth. Over decades, dentists and manufactures have developed implant technology that successfully recreates the function, comfort and look of their natural counterparts.

The treatment can be carried out for a person who has lost one, a few or all of their pearly whites. Ceramic crowns and bridges can be fixed to implants placed into your jaw bone , which fuses to your jawbone over time. This serves as the perfect replacement for any missing tooth.

The feel and appearance of the artificial implant is as though the patient had normal, natural pearly whites in their mouth. Unlike bridges, they are not anchored to adjacent teeth and so do not carry any risk of affecting the existing dental structure.

Another benefit of having artificial implants is the prevention of bone shrinkage. When there are gaps in the dental structure, the jawbone naturally begins to shrink as it is absorbed back into the body. With artificial implants, bone shrinkage can be reduced and even prevented.

Why choose dental implants over other options?

As our life span increases, the need for a reliable type of permanent dental replacement system becomes very important to our overall health.

Badly fitted dentures can cause mouth ulcers and discomfort when you eat. It can even lead to jawbone loss. With implant technology, individuals can benefit from replacements that are both functional and aesthetically sound. You can chew in comfort and smile with confidence.

In addition, they require no special maintenance apart from your usual dental hygiene routine of brushing and flossing. Artificial replacements will function similar to your natural set of teeth. They are supported by your jawbone. The crown will serve as the hard surface for chewing, which will be visible above the gum line, while the implants act like the roots of the artificial replacements.

Through this system, successful dental implants become firmly embedded in the jaw.

Anatomy of dental implants

A toothimplantis really a very simple metal screw, which is designed to thread into the bone of the jaw and to allow for the attachment of a prosthetic crown at top. Implantsare made of medical – grade titanium or titanium alloy.

With our same daydental implantsin Alanya, a certified dentist will place the artificial replacement in a small hole in the bone, which is prepared as part of the placement procedure. The bone will fuse to the implant over a short period of time. Once this bonding process is successfully completed, which usually takes between three and six months, the replacement is permanently in place.

A dental implant is really a very simple metal screw, which is designed to thread into the bone of the jaw and to allow for the attachment of a prosthetic crown at top. Implant are made of medical – grade titanium or titanium Alloy. Your dental surgeon will place them in a small hole in the bone, which he prepares as part of the implant placement procedure. The bone will fuse to the implant over a short period of time. Once this bonding process is successfully completed, which usually takes between three and six months, the implant is permanently in place.

Complete teeth replacement

Our expert surgeons can replace all teeth. To replace a complete set, the dentistwill usually place six or more implantsin your upper or lower jaw. Implantsystems are designed to provide enough stability to carry a full fixed bridge. The case featured on this page involves the removal of all the teeth in the upper jaw and substituting them with eight artificial replacements to provide a base for a full fixed bridge.

Same day dental implants for a variety of applications

Do you have one or few missing teeth? We can use implant technology to restore a single tooth, a few teeth or to replace small bridges and removable partial dentures.

The most advanced solution

Anyone in reasonable health who wants to replace missing teeth can be a candidate for same daydental implantsin Alanya.

You must have enough bone in the area of the missing teeth to provide for the anchorage of the replacements. People who are missing all their teeth make for excellent candidates for this kind of dental solution.

With our affordable dental implants, you will never feel embarrassed about missing teeth when smiling or laughing. You will never have to deal with the discomfort of using complete or partial dentures when you eat, chew, or swallow. You no longer have to worry about the nightmare of your dentures slipping out when you are eating in public.

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