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It is an established scientific fact that muscles used to smile release substances into your body that make you feel better. Many people have concerns about the appearance of their teeth and avoid smiling.

In today’s society where first impressions count, whether it be socially or in business, having a confident smile is a tremendous advantage.

Dentists at Alanya Dental & Implant Hospital – Emergency Dental & Oral Health Clinic are experienced in offering a range of solutions for cosmetic problems. Sometimes careful restoration of one or two teeth can transform a smile. When more problems exist, complete aesthetic treatments are used involving a variety of methods and techniques which include whitening, ceramic veneers or crowns.

Modern techniques in dentistry allow us to perform almost all restorative dentistry in an aesthetic way using tooth coloured materials. The advances in adhesive technique and the latest dental restorative materials results in minimal tooth removal and thus more predictable and less invasive outcomes for aesthetic solutions.

The method of outcome based dentistry using smile previews both digitally and the use of diagnostic wax previews allows for an ‘end in mind’ approach and therefore allows not only the patient the opportunity to see the end product before we start but also gives the dentist and technician the tools/framework to produce the results our patients want. Furthermore we always ensure that the shade, shape and size of your teeth are natural-looking and are matched to your smile therefore avoiding the un-natural bright white shades that look unnatural and fake.

The skill and dedication of the clinicians at Alanya Dental & Implant Hospital – Emergency Dental & Oral Health Clinic and collaboration with expert technicians ensures that you will receive treatment of the highest level.

Single tooth whitening

Following an accident and damage to upper left central incisor internal-external bleaching of the teeth was used to conservatively restore the upper left central incisor to the correct colour and enhance overall aesthetics. Pre and post op bleaching showing colour improvement of UL1 from 5M1 to 1M1.

Tooth Coloured Composite Restoration

Following trauma to a front tooth which broke off a considerable portion of the front central incisor a direct composite restoration was placed. The technique used was a bonded build up with light cured composite plastic that mimics that natural tooth colour and with minimal tooth preparation restores the tooth on the same day. This patient has been happy with this outcome and has been seen regularly for maintenance visits over the past five years with little change and no problems.

Full mouth reconstruction

Patient wished to have gaps in her smile attended to and teeth restored to a more attractive appearance.

Periodontal treatment was first carried out with the hygienist to restore the health of the gums. Dental implants were used to replace missing teeth and restore the bite. The worn discoloured front teeth and unsightly existing crown were restored with all ceramic crowns to the lighter colour that the patient was looking to achieve. Total treatment time was 9 months

The case has been stable for more than 10 years and the patient has required no further treatment and attends for check-ups and hygienist supportive care only

Small segment aesthetic enhancement

This young lady was concerned by the wear of her front two central incisors, as well as the colour. Treatment involved a course of take home whitening for approximately three weeks, ceramic restorations of the two central incisors to re-establish the tooth form and shape, as well as composite bonded build ups to level lateral incisors to match profile.

Full mouth reconstruction

Patient attended when her dental appearance and comfort had deteriorated significantly and she was embarrassed by the condition of her teeth. All treatment options were considered the lady decided to have a fixed reconstruction carried out over an 8 month treatment time. Some teeth required removal and were replaced along with the already missing teeth with dental implants to restore the bite and function. The broken down and heavily filled teeth were restored with aesthetic all ceramic crown restorations. The case has now been stable for more than 10 years and the patient attends for check-ups and hygienist supportive care only.

Single veneer and full mouth whitening

Single implant reconstructions

Upper right missing premolar tooth replaced using dental implant and all ceramic crown and abutment to achieve natural tooth replacement.

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