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Social media reaction among hygienists notes differing reactions when dental patients refuse x-rays



The Facebook page for RDH magazine and RDH eVillage recently asked readers about their responses when patients refuse x-rays during dental hygiene treatment. The Sept. 22 post generated 778 reactions, comments, and shares.
Many hygienists commenting on the post simply said they refuse to treat patients who decline x-rays.
Refuse? Be gone!

Some said they wish they could refuse treatment to patients. But they feel lonely. The place of employment seems lackadaisical about requiring X-rays.

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I kinda agree
One hygienist even said she agrees with the patients who refuse x-rays, and even uses a modified schedule for x-rays herself. Someone pointed out the law afterwards.

Document, document, document
The Facebook thread included a long discussion about documenting informed consent and patient noncompliance, including these comments.

It’s like, It’s like, it’s like
However, much of the focus was just making sure the patient understands what happens when x-rays are refused. Everyone has a favorite analogy.

On a good note
One reader offered an example of how good things do happen when x-rays are used in oral health diagnosis.



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