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Biolase teams up with Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County to provide dental laser care


Biolase Inc. and Healthy Smiles For Kids of Orange Countybvtuzfzerwd jointly announced that the two organizations are teaming up to deliver advanced dental care to children in Orange County in California. Biolase and Healthy Smiles will address untreated dental conditions, gather clinical research insights, and increase community awareness around the benefits of using dentistry’s most advanced technologies for a range of oral health needs.
Biolase will donate Waterlase iPlus and Waterlase Express All Tissue Laser System units and provide clinical and operational device trainings to attending Healthy Smiles dentists and pediatric dentistry residents. Biolase will also conduct clinical research by gathering survey feedback from patients and parents. Biolase said it would use the information to improve laser dentistry methodologies and practices in the Los Angeles region and beyond. 
“The leading dental laser tools from Biolase will have a huge impact on our patient care and will help Healthy Smiles provide a more effective and pain-free dental experience,” said Ria Berger, chief executive officer of Healthy Smiles.
One out of every three children in Orange County have untreated tooth decay, and one out of 10 have never visited a dentist. Since 2003, Healthy Smiles has provided crucial dental services to the underserved children of Orange County through clinical and school-based programs. By pairing prevention and outreach efforts in the field with advanced restorative treatment in their two clinics, their goal is to bring dental care and oral health education to every child in need. Each year they visit over 500 community events and reach 100,000 children and parents. 
For more information about how to support or participate in the Biolase and Healthy Smiles initiative, please visit
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